Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break

It seems like everyone I talk to has made travel plans for Spring Break.  Florida, Mexico, Chicago, Disney.  

Not me, and I have two weeks, two glorious weeks.  I am looking forward to being at home.  I have started my to do list and my biggest concern is that two weeks won't be enough time to check everything off the list.

clean out file cabinet  (It is so jammed full of who knows what, that not one more thing will fit.)  

clean out all closets (Purge the clothes that haven't been worn and change over from winter to spring attire.)

clean out the garage (The garage is the dumping ground for everything I don't know what to do with.  I'm a bit afraid of what I might find.  I am guessing I will be making a few trips to Good Will or Salvation Army with this clean out.)

paint the dresser (I purchased an amazing piece of furniture and it's been sitting in place for about 6 months.  I had to try it out, to see if I really like it, to see if it will work in the space.  It works.  I knew it worked about two weeks after I moved it in, but it's been sitting there unfinished for 6 months.)

yard work  (Pick up all the sticks from rain, snow, and ice that are laying all over the yard.  Clean out the flower beds to prepare for the spring blooms.  Add a few new bird houses to the mix.)

put together the IKEA chair  (Put together the IKEA chair purchased over Christmas vacation.)

spend a day with the handy man (I need to call Ray to schedule a day to come and fix a few pieces of siding that are loose after the big wind storm we had.  Change out the shower rods, hang a new shelf,  install a new light, and any other little tidbits I can think of for him to help me with.)

catch up with my college roomie  (Road trip to Lafayette, to meet up with my college roomie.)

shopping trip (a one day shopping excursion with friends)

On top of all these big to dos are all of these little ones

Sleep in everyday, make my self a nice breakfast everyday, go for a walk everyday, continue to blog everyday, read the stack of books by my bedside table, visit the local bookstore, lunch with friends, get a pedicure, catch up on movie watching, catch up on DVRd TV shows, take naps when needed, plan out lessons for school, clean out the junk drawer, clean out the school bag, sort through the magazine stack, create a new folder for taxes and receipts, transfer pictures from my old pc to a thumb drive, find a place to recycle the old pc and old tv, binge watch Gilmore Girls, read through the stack of picture books that don't seem to fit in the categories of my classroom library and figure out where they need to go.  

This list keeps growing.  As you can see, two weeks may not be enough time, but it's Spring Break, and I don't have to go to work for two weeks!

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  1. oh, your to-do list looks like mine, with way too many things on it, and looking likes it's destined to make me feel inadequate. I hope you have more energy than I do, and can accomplish even half of these things in your two weeks. Good luck!