Saturday, March 26, 2016

Piles and Stacks of Stuff

Piles and Stacks of Stuff

Today is the day to sort through the piles and stacks of stuff all over the house.  
I don't know how I do it.  But I do!  

Every time this happens, and I make the time to sort through it all, I proclaim, "This is the last time for piles and stacks of stuff!"  And then over time, the piles and stacks of stuff have accumulated in every room of the house...again!

I started in the kitchen with stacks of junk mail.  Junk mail?  Yes...I stack it up instead of shredding or recycling.  Why?  I don't know, but I do!

Then I moved on to the footstool.  This stack was full of magazines, fliers, and advertisements.  This pile didn't take long.  Most of it went in the recycle bin.  Score...I have a few new magazines to read.  I didn't get distracted to the next room.

At the entry door is another pile, scarves, gloves, sun glasses!  Sun glasses stay, everything else in the winter wonder box until next winter.

At the back door is another pile, shoes and boots.  This is another quick back in their box until next fall/winter.  The rest of the shoes back in their cubbies ready to go the next time I leave the house.

Help!  I am trapped in the craft room.  The room where everything gets tossed.  The crafting table is almost cleaned off.  Most of this was an easy fix, just putting things away.  Why do I just drop it on the table instead of taking the extra minute or two to actually put it where it needs to go.  

I took a break to write this post, but I will quickly be back at it soon.  Sorting through the next stack.  The next stack is a doozy!  It's a pile of papers that need to be filed in the over flowing file cabinet.  Yikes!  I might need a quick snack and soda before I tackle that one!


  1. That's sounds like a great day! You answered my question - when were you able to write this - it made me laugh!! Good luck on the craft room - I think I just might get sidetracked there! Great slice!

  2. I do it too! If you figure out why we stack up junk mail, let me know.

  3. I have stacks, too! I am on spring break (just starting today) and I have been thinking that I need to tackle the stacks in at least one room this week. Hmmm, I think I need a quick snack and a soda:)

  4. Sounds like my week! Wow. I enjoyed reading this, probably because I can totally relate.