Monday, March 28, 2016

A Successful Day!


Today was the second Monday of my two week long Spring Break!  Loving it!  I didn't set an alarm, just got up when I woke up.  Made a big breakfast and then off to tackle the next items on the to do list.

I pulled out all my spring and summer clothes and did the wardrobe change over in my closet.  I love the brighter happier colors in my closet.  

Then it was onto changing out all the shoes...I love all the sandals and flip flops!  I can show off my pedicure from last week.

Another successful day!  


  1. Oh my, yes!
    You could have stopped at sleeping 'til you woke up and counted it a successful day!

  2. Happy Spring Break! And 2 weeks? No fair!

  3. Time to do what makes you happy! Enjoy your break!