Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

I am at home, finishing up a few last minutes things before heading over to my aunts for our family Easter celebration.  I stuffed 246 easter eggs for the egg hunt this afternoon.  (Yes...246, not 250.  I was four eggs short!)  

My little cousins, some of which aren't so little anymore (ranging in age from freshman in college, sophomores in high school, eighth graders, a fifth grader, a second grader and two preschoolers) will race around the family farm hunting for the eggs and all the goodies inside.  It's a tradition we started years ago, and just can't seem to give it up.  

It was a GREAT day!  The weather was beautiful!  The egg hunt was a success!

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  1. We had an egg hunt yesterday and my daughter wanted to keep playing egg hunt again. It's funny to me that she liked it that much.

    Yikes! 246 eggs? That's a lot of eggs! Happy Easter-glad for success!