Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fifty Fits Me Just Fine


When I woke up this morning it felt like any other day! I ran through all of my regular morning routine to dos.  I was actually ahead of schedule and out the door a little early today(that rarely happens!).

Once I got to school it wasn't like any other day!  I was greeted with black streamers and black balloons as I entered the hallway on my way to my classroom.  And then, once I got to my classroom door, more streamers, more balloons, and a banner.  I work with an amazing team of teachers (6 of us in my hall).  They provided me with everything I needed to let everyone know I was 50 today!  Hoorah!

Now this busy bunch of teachers did not think that steamers, balloons, and banners were enough...oh no! They sent notes home with all their little kiddos(Kindergarten, first, and second graders) and everyone was in black today!  Everyone! Teachers! Students! Everyone!  All the little kiddos were beaming wanting me to notice their "black clothes" just for me!  Do you like it Miss Wright?  I wore this just for you?  Do you like it?  Look at me!

I was completely overwhelmed today!  

1) I turned 50 today!  I remember when I was younger thinking 50 was OLD! (Now that I am there/here...I don't think 50 is OLD at all!  I feel more like me, more like I finally kind of know what I am doing!  Who I am! and What I want in life.) 

2)  So many people went out of their way today to make ME feel special.  

50 is Fabulous!  50 is Fierce!  50 is on Fire today!  50 Fits me just Fine!


  1. I love your attitude and this is exactly why this 51 year old clicked on your post! Happy Birthday!
    (you should read the picture book, Just Dog by Oram I think)

    1. Thanks for clicking and reading!
      Oh my Goodness! Just Dog is one of my most FAVORITE books!

  2. Happy Birthday! Never miss an opportunity to celebrate yourself.

  3. Happy Birthday! Never miss an opportunity to celebrate yourself.