Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Writing Again

Today, as I ready myself to write, I can't believe it's day 30 and we only have one more day left in the challenge.  And...I did it!  I made it!  I created a blog (it isn't what I want it to be yet...but it's a start) and I only missed one day!

I have so enjoyed finding time each day to sit down and write.  I have missed it, so much more than I thought.  

As I look back over each of my posts, they are not what I thought I would be writing about.  I'm not sure what I thought I would be writing about, but these little snippets, slices from my day weren't exactly it.  

So thankful for this month.  So thankful for each slice.  So thankful to be writing again!


  1. Good for you for starting again, and only missing one day! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! We made it!!!!! :) Here's to LOTS more writing!