Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting Started

Getting Started...

Getting started, sounds so simple...but it hasn't been for me.  I have been thinking and planning and procrastinating for quite sometime!  Last night, I made the decision that enough was enough.  This year IS the year!  The year to task risks.  The year to begin marking some of those things off of my to do list.  The year to make things happen.  What have I been waiting for?  I really don't know.  Hopefully as I start to write and find "my voice" it (whatever it is?) will become more clear.   

I'm starting the blog that has been on my to do list for the past five years, yes you read that right, five years!  Not a few days, or a few weeks, but a few years!  Seriously, what have I been waiting for?  I really don't know.  (The right look, the right name, the right time.)   I'm not sure, but here I come!  Ready or not!  Jumping in without a plan.  

I can tell you already, I am struggling.  Struggling with worry about what everyone will think, struggling with worry about the way it looks, the way it sounds, and letting my words land on paper (this blog post) forever.   

Starting the blog didn't seem like quite enough...so while I'm at it, I'm joining the Slice of Life challenge for the first time (#sol16) too.  All the warning signals are lighting up and blaring loudly in my head, but I here I am typing away!  I'm feeling nervous, scared, and a bit sick to my stomach, but I'm doing it!  I'm putting words to paper and sharing them with the world.    

I set up the blog today (with help from a younger, hipper, more tech savvy teacher than me).  She was patient and kind, giving me just enough today to get me started.  I'm thankful!  She isn't going anywhere.  She is willing to stick it out with me and lead me towards the goal of making it look cuter, quirkier, and more like me! 

Wow!  I did it!  The first post checked off the list, along with setting up the blog!  Yeah Rah!  Go me! 


  1. Yea for you! I remember my first post of this challenge. I was so worried that no one would read, or they would correct my grammar, or what I would post people would think was stupid. And here I am, six years later, loving every minute of it.

    Keep writing. Keep posting. Keep being brave.

    This is a great community.

  2. Holly,
    Welcome to the "slicing" world! Theis is a great community. Write, write, write. Whatever you want to write will be fine! That's the best thing about slicing!

  3. Send your fear packing, this is the best place to let your "voice" shine. You did it! You created a blog, you posted. Now simply repeat this thirty more times (in a row).
    How lucky you are to have a tech support person. I have muddled through trying to figure out what words mean, how to add things, and navigate this blog world.
    Have fun!

  4. I applaud your desire to go! It's hard to start but once you get going you'll be great! : )

  5. Keep writing! Ignore those voices in your head. You can do this. Happy Writing!

  6. I'm glad you ignored the reasons not to and did it!

  7. Happy Day 1 Holly. Now that I read your Day 2 blog, you are on a roll.

  8. Good for you for jumping in to blogging and to the SOLSC! I'm delighted you've chosen to join us this month, Holly. Let us know if you have any questions.